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6mnths - 13yrs available in Black or Red

S-XL available in Black


  • Brushed back fleece.
  • Two panel hood with single jersey lining.
  • Taped back neck.


Care Info


To ensure that your garment maintains maximum performance and style, we recommend that all items of clothing are turned inside out and machine washed on a 30 degrees short cycle. Immediately hang the item out to dry on a coat hanger and keep away from heat.


  • Do NOT use bleach/detergents or fabric softeners
  • Do NOT tumble dry or iron
  • Do NOT rub or scrub foil print or metallic garments
  • Do NOT hang over radiators


Foil print and metallic garments may fade or dull with wear and repeated washing. Areas that incur friction or abrasion may show some loss of foil. This does not constitute a fault.

Onesie Red / Black from 6 months

SKU: SM470
  • Size Age Height (cm)
    6-12 6-12m 66-76
    12-18 12-18m 76-86
    18-24 18-24m 86-93
    2-3 2-3y 93-98


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